15 Things To Stop Worrying About

15 Things To Stop Worrying About


Rather than an end, see it as a new beginning. A chance to turn over a new leaf. You close one door but you’re opening another. And who knows, it may be the first of many.

Finding a job

The right job will find you. And everything you do until then are stepping stones. Keep learning, keep experiencing, and when that job comes around, you’ll be more than ready.

Saving money

You can’t save thousands on a minimum wage job so just do the best you can. It’s all relative.

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Six Graduate-Life Myths

Six Graduate-Life Myths

We all know them. The things you are told or tell yourself during those final years of college. The things your relatives tell you at family gatherings whilst their dentures protrude from their lips, “once you graduate, you’ll get yourself a good job” or “you can’t work in retail your whole life”.

Or perhaps, they are things that you’ve been telling yourself since arriving at college. Your parents alluding to, often subconsciously, that once you graduate, you have to find a good job that will get you through all the way to your dying days.

I did catch a tweet the other day that kind of summed it up (even though it’s supposed to be in jest).

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“There is opportunity in vulnerability.”

That’s not an actual quote, it’s something I came up with in my head just right here on the train going home but I think it’s worth thinking about. I’ve been feeling a little vulnerable this week.

Things have been good, in fact, great, lately but I can feel the wave of mental health taking a slight downhill direction and I’m trying to clutch onto the rails to minimise collateral damage as much as I can.

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Dear 2012 Me

Dear 2012 Me

Dear Sinéad,

Well, how do I put this?

You’ve made it to college and it’s nothing like you think it is. You have all these bright fresh ideas in your head and are preparing to dominate. You’re going to join thirty societies, you’re going to ace The Phil maidens debate, you’re going to pass all your classes and still have a social life and plenty of rest.

You poor thing.

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What I’ve Learned Since Leaving College

What I’ve Learned Since Leaving College

I’m out of university some 9 months now. And in a lot of ways, I feel like I never went. Yeah, I might feel weird walking through campus now and again, but overall, I don’t feel like it’s been a massive culture shock.

I’m somewhat settled now and whilst I am putting into place the skills I learned in college, I don’t miss it all that much.

(there are days when I’d much rather be in the publications office drinking wine and listening to music but I’ve done that a few times now since leaving college)

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I’m feeling pretty confident lately. And that’s big for me to admit. I, more likely than not (read: always), can’t go through a day without giving myself some kind of negative comment or criticism.

To be fair, we all do it. And I know I should be kinder to myself but often, I’m just not in the mood. Being stuck in a rut or not knowing where you’ll be next week does take its toll.

But I have plenty of reasons to smile at the moment. I just got a new job that I love, I was nominated for best young actress at the one-act festival I was in, and the most important thing, I’m binge watching a really good show. Okay, it’s Bob’s Burgers but it’s still binge-worthy, don’t @ me.

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